Assassin’s Hood

Assassin’s Hood

A night out in Shanghai can turn deadly, especially if you’re Japanese…

Shanghai, 1936.  A series of assassinations of Japanese businessmen, sailors, and officials has struck fear into the International Settlement, and the Chinese government is blaming communist insurgents.  Douglas Bainbridge is soon pulled into the political intrigue. When a friend of Doug’s is arrested for the assassination of a Japanese secret agent, Doug is certain she didn’t do it.  Since Chinese officials don’t seem to care about her actual guilt or innocence, Doug and his girlfriend Lucy Kinzler take it upon themselves to find proof of the real killers, and save Wong Mei-ling from execution for a murder she didn’t commit.

Book Two in the Death in Shanghai series, Assassin’s Hood is a sequel to The Jade Dragon. It is a traditional mystery, with crossover appeal to fans of spy fiction, and gay & lesbian fiction.

392 pages; 104,000 words.


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