In a Safe Town

In a Safe Town

Who could have wanted to kill Tom Stafford, the most popular kid in school, and the best quarterback in town history? Sheriff Mark Bennett can’t fathom a reason. Everyone knows everything about everyone in their small southern Indiana town…or do they?

When Tom Stafford is found stabbed in the woods outside of Heron, the town is thrown into shock and disbelief. Crime like this doesn’t happen in a safe town like Heron. Sheriff Bennett, up for re-election in just six weeks, is under tremendous pressure to solve the crime quickly. Over the course of the investigation, Mark learns disturbing facts about the murdered boy who dated his daughter. As he digs deeper, he uncovers parallels with the county’s last homicide, still unsolved after twenty-one years. The more he learns, the more Mark wonders if they’ve arrested the wrong person. Jason Hollister certainly had a big secret to keep, but was Tom really killed to keep him silent?

In a Safe Town is set in 1982 in fictitious Heron, in the hills of southeastern Indiana. It is full of the flavor and the voice of this time and region, on the edge of the South and the Midwest. It is a mystery, but with cross-over appeal to fans of YA and gay & lesbian fiction.

397 pages; 100,200 words.

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