Other Novels

être déterminé

France, 1574. A new king, a scheming Queen-Mother, a plotting prince, and a power-hungry religious-fanatic duke vie to outmaneuver one another. Rumors swirl at court amid shifting alliances, then three parties are at war. Into this dangerous world steps Jean-Marc de Montfaucon, our modest protagonist, finding himself a pawn in the machinations of his mercurial father against a ruthless neighbor. Drawn to the orbit of his charming childhood best friend, Jean-Marc finds himself entangled in the web of his past, which is riddled with family secrets.

75,000 words.


This work is unpublished.


Duncan MacKenzie

Duncan MacKenzie’s whole world is shattered when he witnesses his father’s violent death, and is separated from his brother Luke in the wilderness. Only his wits and his determination to survive keep him going until he can escape from the Shawnee village where he’s held, and return home to his family.

Driven to rescue Luke, burning for revenge, and eager to fulfill his dreams of a new life over the mountains, Duncan longs to return to the west. Saddled with responsibility for his family, however, and caught up in the unfolding conflict in the east, Duncan must set aside his personal ambitions to defend his family and fight for what he believes in. Will he ever see Luke again?

Set immediately before and during the Revolutionary War, Duncan MacKenzie is the story of one young man’s determination in the face of obstacles.

140,000 words.


This work is unpublished.