Spy Novels

Garrett’s historical spy novels can be enjoyed individually, but they are all linked by shared characters and settings. Garrett’s spy novels are inspired by the works of such great authors as Ken Follett, Helen MacInnes, Alan Furst, and David Downing.

Series: Martin Schuller, Spy Catcher

The Spy Catcher books are old-fashioned thriller novels (more about suspense than explosions and car chases) that follow the exploits of Martin Schuller, a principled and cerebral American spy-catcher working against Nazi plots during World War 2. This was a period when the United States was just beginning to build a functioning intelligence operation, so men like Martin had to make a lot of stuff up as they went along. Martin is a complicated anti-hero with a lot of personal baggage, but a strong moral compass, and a determination to prevent Nazism from taking over the world.

  Hidden Among Us (2018)

  Spy Tango (2020)

  The Swiss Conspiracy (2021)

Stand-alone spy novels:

  Gray Paree (2020)

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