The Swiss Conspiracy

The Swiss Conspiracy

Someone is killing Swiss colonels, and painting a hammer and sickle at the scene. When Dr. Fritz Rubenstein, a physicist in Zurich, is gunned down in his office, the only clue is a letter in his trash can requesting assistance for the French Resistance. The U.S. government suspects a deeper plot, and Martin Schuller is sent to Switzerland to go undercover and find out.

As World War II rages all around, Switzerland is an island of serenity. But Switzerland in the fall of 1941 is not all it appears. Delving beneath the serene appearance of Swiss society, Martin finds a secretive world of right-wing organizations, idealistic student activists, banks full of Nazi gold, and competing foreign agents.  With the help of Franz Lemiel, a world-wise artist and activist, and Jason Bachman, an eager young American diplomat, Martin discovers a conspiracy to bring down the entire Swiss government in one dramatic event. Can he stop the conspirators from carrying out their attack, and changing the entire course of the war?

Book Three in the Martin Schuller Spy Catcher series.

Coming 2020

130,000 words.